Celebrating A Century Of Manatoc, 1923 to 2023

What a great success and a lot of fun. 

Congratulations to David Wyerick and the cast of 1000s that made it special. 

Page updated September 26, 2023

Manatoc 100 Cent-O-Ree
September 22 – 24, 2023

Manatoc 100 Leaders Guide

version date is on the cover sheet.

David Weyrick explains the fun you will experience 

Program Areas & Exhibits Included:

1907 Brown Sea Island Reenactment

1923 Camp Manatoc Reenactment

Antique Cars including 1917 Goodyear Wingfoot Express

Telegraph demonstrations

Manatoc Challenge featuring a camp wide scavenger hunt

Merit Badge Expo

Innovations Area will give a glimpse into the future

Astronomy Discovery

The Manatoc Forge will be fired up

Patch Trading & Scouting Memorabilia Area

Shooting Sports Areas

“Butler’s Field of Dreams” Nature Experiences

Native American Artifacts from Ohio

LIVE Music and Entertainment at “THE ROAD”

Branding Iron Station

Fishing at Lake Litchfield

Manatoc Traditions displays and ceremony events

U.S. Military displays and activities from seven military branches

International Scouting & Duty to God event areas

Worldwide Radio Experience

Women in Scouting, Fireside Chat

Manatoc Museum

Historic Video Presentations

“Founders of Manatoc” collector’s cards

Event-wide Ceremony Retreat at the Butler Memorial

Late Nite Manatoc for leaders and staff.

Food Truck Vendors

100th Anniversary merchandise at two Trading Posts

Three Sunday morning Worship Services

…and many more fun hands-on displays, activities, and experiences