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Manatoc is on over 600 acres in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

offer praise for our staff, make a comment, ask a question or raise an urgent situation

Contact your district commissioners for help with your unit 


If you are not from Great Trail Council, please contact your council's commissioner service team.

We invite you to join the commissioner service team in your district. 

Have you been out of Scouting for a while and are pulled back this weekend by the allure of Manatoc and some of the best memories of your life? 

Was Scouting vital to you and your family? 

We invite you to reengage with the BSA in one of the best volunteer positions in all of Scouting. As a unit commissioner, you will serve one or a few units to be their single best resource and to guide them to becoming stronger units. 

You do not have to have a lot of scouting background. That part can be learned through our basic training and onboarding. What you have to have is a servant's heart, and the desire to help volunteers like yourself give young people the best Scouting experience. Your occasional visits to the Pack or Troop to which you are assigned will offer plenty of rewards all around. 

During one meeting a month with your District Commissioner, you will learn and share what you have learned about your unit visits. This is how you plug into the Scouting Support Network. We help you know where you can go for the answers your units seek. You can do for the unit what they cannot easily do for themselves. 

Contact Council Commissioner Sherri Buck to inquire about re-engaging with Scouting right now. 

Did someone coach, mentor, and support you during your BSA experience? 

Be that someone for a new generation of Scouting leaders and pay it forward. 

Click this link to send an email to 

Sherri Buck
Council Commissioner
Sherri.Buck@gtcbsa.org, and indicate your curiosity and interest.