Multiple Unit - Coordinated Camping

The Guide to Safe Scouting requires that all unit-coordinated camping activities with units from more than one chartered organization be approved by the council. 

The National policy states:

 “Local council approval is needed for unit-coordinated overnight camping activities involving other units not chartered by the same organization. Units that wish to host events involving other units that do not share the same charter partner must have approval from their council. This includes events for packs, troops, crews, and ships from the same council; neighboring councils; the same territory; or other territory.”

Please use this form (coming soon) to submit information about your multiple-unit camping activities. Before submitting this form, please inform the chartered organization representatives from all of the organizations involved in the camping activity. You will be contacted within five (5) GTC business days about the status of this request. Information recorded on the form will be forwarded to the chartered organization representatives.

A multi-unit camping activity is not approved until approval is received by the person filling out this form, all unit leaders, and all chartered organization representatives. Incomplete or inaccurate information will delay the approval process.

This form is not needed for council-hosted camping events, which include:

Questions about this policy should be directed to Nate Watson.