What do the Color Flags say about the heat conditions? (click to find out)

Health Lodge Flag System 

Stay healthy, and drink water! 

See the color chart below for how urine color can help you monitor your dehydration level. 

Camp Manatoc uses a colored flag system to advise campers on the current heat conditions. The colored flags at the Health Lodge are flown from a flagpole in front of the building and indicate as follows: 

Blue - The feel-like temperature dipped to 49 or less degrees

Green - Temperature is cool, feels like 50 to 79, make sure to drink water. 

Yellow - Temperature is on the rise, feels like 80 to 87, drink water more frequently. 

Red - Temperature feels like 87-104. Drink lots of water, Retreat will be shortened so that scouts are not standing on the parade field for a long time. 

Black - Temperature feels greater than 104. Drink water every 15 minutes. Seek shade. Areas such as the tower are closed due to the extreme exertion required.  Retreat is not held. 

Click Imperial for decrees in Fahrenheit

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