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Camp Manatoc offers over 40 merit badges during our resident camp program with the highest quality instruction. This year, our focus is ensuring that our participants leave camp with all their merit badges complete with few or no partials. 

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The staff has chosen merit badges that are best offered in a summer camp setting and can be completed during the week if a Scout prepares for the badge before arrival. Leaders should guide Scouts in reviewing the merit badges available at camp and communicating the requirements that must be completed before arrival to successfully complete the badge during your week at camp.

The staff of Camp Manatoc is dedicated to quality instruction for your Scouts. According to the BSA Guide to Advancement, “everything done to advance— to earn ranks and other awards and recognition—is designed to educate or to otherwise expand horizons. Camps should not have a reputation of "Just show up and get the badge." 

In structuring our merit badge schedule for 2024, we are guided by Section Advancement in Camp Settings and Section The Merit Badge Program. You can find the BSA Guide to Advancement by clicking HERE

Our new merit badge schedule was generated to ensure that our staff members consistently deliver quality instruction by adhering to all staff-to-camper requirements designated for Aquatics, Target and Range Sports and Climbing related merit badges as defined in the Guide to Safe Scouting and what we feel are the most effective staff-to-camper ratios for effective learning for all other merit badges. 

Some items to note: 

1. We now have longer classes for more complex merit badges to be taught fully, with integrity, and allow Scouts to complete requirements during class time without having to return in the evenings. This allows them to enjoy the other evening offerings at camp (additional merit badges, Mile Swim, open climb, the pool party, Movie Night, Cowboy Action Shooting, etc.). 

2. More walking time between class times allows Scouts adequate time to move between program areas. It gives merit badge instructors time to reset/swap materials or change locations before the next class. 

3. Merit badge classes that need more support or supervision now have additional staff to ensure Scouts in those classes have additional resources to successfully learn the skills they must demonstrate to complete the merit badge successfully. 

4. Camping Merit Badge: While we are not offering the complete Camping merit badge, participation in the scheduled kayak out-trip fulfils requirement 9(b)(4). Participation in the scheduled cycling out-trip fulfils requirement 9(b)(3). Additionally, participants in the cycling out-trip will complete conservation work for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, thus fulfilling requirement 9(c). A Scout may also complete requirement 9(b)(6) by attending any open climb at our Climbing Tower. 

5. Our number of merit badge offerings has not changed. This year we have chosen merit badges that we feel most Scouts can complete while at camp and thus reducing the number of partials which are challenging for both camp staff and unit leaders. 

6. New this year are evening merit badges. Scouts may elect to take a merit badge on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Collections merit badge is offered on Monday. Sculpture and Scouting Heritage merit badges are offered on Tuesday. Fingerprinting is offered on Thursday.