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Older youth in Camp have almost 40 opportunities that are designed with them in mind.

Cycling Out-trip in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park
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Kayaking Out-trip in the Cuyahoga National Park
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Pre-camp signup for this event is available through the Troop’s on-line account.

Don't miss the Cowboy Action Shoot

Join our Shooting Sports staff at the Rifle Range on Wednesday night for the Cowboy Action Shoot. Participants will have the opportunity to shoot a .22 caliber revolver, a .22 caliber lever action rifle, a double-barreled shotgun, and a black powder musket. There is an added fee for this event and participation is limited to forty campers with Scouts taking priority over adults. 

Lead your troop in earning the Retreat Banner.

Trade Patches

A favorite activity among Scouts and Adult leaders, patch traders can bring their collections to Scoutcraft on Monday afternoon for an opportunity to trade patches with fellow collectors.

Activities you can organize

Play Gaga Ball, Basketball, Go swimming, go boating and climbing, visit our ranges. Make something at the forge. Get a slushie. There is more at Manatoc than you can do in a week, so plan wisely and don't miss out.

Merit Badges Specifically Recommended for the Older Scout (see here for the schedule)

Shotgun Shooting


Small Boat Sailing



First Aid

Signs, Signals and Codes



Attend a Gathering of Eagles

A gathering for all Eagles in Camp during your week. Sponsored by the Great Trail Council Eagle Scout Association.

To Join click here.

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Attend the Life to Eagle Presentation

The Great Trail Council Advancement Committee hosts an information session Wednesday evening for Star and Life Scouts, and adult leaders interested in learning more about topics related to Eagle Scout advancement and procedures.

Older Scout and Adult Training (see here for details)

BSA Aquatics Supervision

BSA Lifeguard

BSA Paddlecraft Safety

Chaplain Aide Training (not restricted to older)

Den Chief Training  (not restricted to older)

Attend the OA Ice Cream Social

Learn about the OA at

Amazing opportunities for Arrowmen, candidates, and more! these include:

I also want to ensure everyone gets a chance to let me know what they want to see and do this summer, so please fill out this form to help me figure out what you want to do at summer camp!


Lily J. Matthews  |  Lodge Chief

Attend Commissioner led Seminars 

Council Commissioner-Led Seminars

Older youth, 16 and up, are welcome to attend and participate in discussions with a member of the Great Trail Council Commissioner Service Team designed to assist adult leaders in improving the strength of their troop. These seminars are opportunities to learn new skills and techniques and a great way to exchange information and practical, real-world experiences. 

Building a Program to Keep Older Scouts (Retention) 

Tuesday 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Lewis Family Conference Center

What specifically do you do for your older scouts? Do you have a robust older scout program? Let's make a plan. 

Women in Scouting Fireside Chats

Tuesday 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM - Training Lodge

Join us for discussions, support, and networking.

Building a Stronger Troop Through Recruiting and Planning

Thursday 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM - LFCC

Size and growth matter, but troops cannot grow without an effective program plan and a well-thought-out recruiting strategy. 

Get into Nature

The Manatoc Cairns (pronounced “karens”) are historical landmarks found throughout the entire Manatoc Reservation. Back in the 1920’s and 30’s these were marked by heaps of stones the Scouts would leave. Today they are marked with Native-American symbols and there are more than fifty cairns. While a Scout must visit cairns each year they are at summer camp to earn a Good Camper Award, these awards are separate from the Good Camper program and are designed for Scouts who are at least second year campers or all adult leaders. There are four award levels, and the Cairn Awards must be earned in order: Brave, Chief, Spirit, Cairn Master. A booklet defining the requirements for each level and for recording a participant’s progress is available at the Administration Building or the Red Oak Nature Center. Booklets are due at 7:00 PM on Thursday night and must be submitted at the Red Oak Nature Center for review. Cairn location maps are available for purchase in the Trading Post.

There are six color trails found in the Manatoc Scout Reservation. These trails were established beginning in the 1960’s and are a challenging and fun way for Scouts to explore the over 600 acres of reservation property. Each trail is blazed with a color (red, white, blue, yellow, green and orange) in both directions. Color trail maps and hiking staff stickers for each color trail are available at the Trading Post. Additionally, campers can learn about modern conservation and sustainability practices by hiking the interactive Natural Trail that was established and dedicated in 2023 through the efforts of a Scouter as part of their Wood Badge ticket in conjunction with the Great Trail Council SCAT (Sustainability, Conservation and Trails) Committee. All trails begin at the kiosk found near Scoutcraft.

Earn the Duty to God Promotion Patch 

The patch is a four-segment “puzzle” type patch. Only one segment is offered in any given year. Participants are encouraged to earn all four segments over a four-year span. The Troop Chaplain Aide is provided with a book of suggested daily devotions and the requirements for each scout and adult in the troop to earn the Duty to God award.

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